The Idea

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The idea is simple and is based on the power of knowledge and the combination of different sciences.

The purpose of the site is to connect students from all over Greece, in order to work together and doing something worthwhile .

If -for example- a student from department of Marketing  wishes to do a work ( a project,  an article, or take part in a competition), which requires knowledge that students from department of  Archaeology  probably have ,then he must supply the form to ask for help.
The advantages are numerous both, in society and at individual level. First of all, a work with the help of students from different sciences, decorates their resume .
If you got the idea do not waste time. Fill out the form to find your collaborators.
If you have not any idea, do not despair. Frequently check the category with your University and see what  your assistant need.
Click on page “done” to see the successes of the site.
Good luck.

  • If you want to learn more about each univercity, go to Links. Get  informed for each department at each univercity in order to be more specific at what  you are looking for.
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